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Internship Program | 2018 Applications


THE RABBLE (Kate Davis and Emma Valente) was formed in 2006 from a desire to make work that wasn’t being produced in Australia: visually ambitious, political, feminist and formally experimental. THE RABBLE exists as a reaction to a conservatism that dominates our stages. THE RABBLE aims to radically re-imagine theatrical experiences and to repopulate familiar stories with female voices and aesthetics.

The RABBLE’s annual internship program focuses on supporting the artistic growth of artists, while offering access to the inner workings of one of Melbourne’s leading independent theatre companies.

THE RABBLE are offering two formal internships in 2018. The internship is open to performance makers, theatre makers, playwrights, directors, set designers, lighting designers, costume designers, video designers, sound designers – with a focus on people who want to create their own projects. Each participant will work closely with the Artistic Directors on RABBLE projects including research, creative development, presentation and touring.

Each internship will take place over specific projects in 2018. Participants will be asked to commit to blocks of time for rehearsal and developments of projects. These blocks are flexible but an applicants availability will be taken into consideration.

Each internship will consist of:

  • An observational role in selected RABBLE developments, rehearsal processes and performances across the allotted time;
  • Participation in creative meetings and design concept meetings across the year;
  • One-on-one sessions to discuss projects and ideas of the artist’s choosing.


THE RABBLE’s internship program is not open to students. THE RABBLE will continue to offer secondments to university students on a project-by-project basis and where capacity allows.



Please forward a one-page application answering the following questions:

  1. Describe your career – your experience, turning points, projects you’re most proud of.
  2. What are your interests for the future? Career, aesthetic, conceptual, creative.
  3. Why THE RABBLE? – What do you hope to get out of the internship, what is your interest in devised feminist theatre?

Please include a separate page with your biography and contact details.

If shortlisted, THE RABBLE will invite artists to an informal meeting (in-person or phone) to discuss the program, availability and to hear further from the applicant about their artistic interests, practice and ambitions.

Meetings will take place in early February 2017.

Applications should be emailed to info@therabble.com.au by 6pm, 19th January 2018.