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In Development



Feminist theatre makers THE RABBLE are developing an epic, multi-part durational performance event inspired and repulsed by James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Joyce’s Ulysses is a seminal modernist text divided into eighteen episodes, each radically different in narrative style. It is a retelling of Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey; Joyce takes Homer’s epic and translates it to the banal, where we follow Leopold Bloom over the course of one day. THE RABBLE’s Ulysses will reimagine this story again. Rejecting the idea of the ‘everyman’, the modernist canon, and the large amount of space Ulysses takes up in it. Instead THE RABBLE will invent a series of experiments that investigate the intersections between intellectualism and femininity, to be performed over 10 hours.

This new work is being created through a partnership with Vitalstatistix and in collaboration with a team of South Australian artists.

Creative team: Kate Davis and Emma Valente (co-directors, THE RABBLE) with Mary Helen Sassman and Dana Miltins.

Workshop artists: Emma Beech, Rachel Burke, Alison Currie, Ray Harris, Jane Howard, Grace Marlow, Kate Power and Meg Wilson


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Ulysses has been in development since 2014 with the support of Chamber Made, The SUBSTATION and Vitalstatistix.

Developments for Ulysses have included:


Images from 2016 Melbourne development at The SUBSTATION. Photography by Kate Davis.