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In Development



An investigation into the dynamics of power, consent, knowledge, truth and the complexities of saying yes.


Set in an enclosed space, the audience can see a host and a guest.  The host will ask 1000 questions the guest will answer yes to each of them. Is this a TV set, a weather report, an interrogation, an interview or an existential search for truth? The space is ever changing, it is an unpredictable space that occasionally erupts in manufactured weather events (i.e fire, snow, rain and wind), the performers are not only subjected to inherit joys and danger of saying yes, but also to the physical implications and challenges of nature. Perhaps this structure is slowly dismantled during the piece.


Peering in, the audience come to newly understand their relationship to truth, as they are subject to the joys and horrors of a woman saying yes. The questions might be instructions, personal questions, knowledge based questions. Do you agree to obey me? Will you put your hand on your face?  Is it your fault? Do you know what the longest river is? Do you want children? Have you been hurt? +Will you take a seat?  Do you feel responsible? Did you mean no? Is Santa real? Do you know which species are endangered in this area? Has your heart been broken? Did you start the fire? Will it rain today? Is it bad news? Would you like some water? Are you exhausted? Will you marry me? Will you die?


The performer answers yes, the mood switching over and over again. Conjuring an orgasm, a confession, a false confession, a proposal, an investigation, a promotion, an abortion, a rape, a pregnancy, a first word, an agreement, a war,  a resolution, a question, an illness, a death and the impossibility of seeking truth.


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Part rite of passage, part public debate, part personal memoir, part physical competition, the audience are taken from joy, to horror, to contemplation, to existential dread as they ponder their own feelings towards seeking answers and agreement.


Creative team: Kate Davis and Emma Valente (co-directors, THE RABBLE) with Mary Helen Sassman and Dana Miltins.


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YES has been developed with the support of Arts House, RISING and Vitalstatistix.

Photography by Kate Davis.