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UNWOMAN Part III – Creative Assistant Callout

Irish director Maeve Stone and award winning Australian company THE RABBLE are collaborating on a new project called UNWOMAN Part III. The project is a feminist work investigating reproductive rights and control of the female body, an epic imagistic uncompromising piece of theatre in three parts. UNWOMAN Part III is the premiere of this Irish-Australian collaboration of THE RABBLE & Maeve Stone presented for Dublin Fringe Festival. All three parts of UNWOMAN will premiere November 2019 in Melbourne.

The production will be presented in the Samuel Beckett Theatre in September in conjunction with a mentorship scheme. As such there are several volunteer design and production positions available to students and alumnus of the Samuel Beckett Centre.

  • Production assistant
  • LX Design assistant
  • Costume design assistant
  • Set design assistant

Candidates must have prior experience. To apply please write a statement of interest (1 page max) including any relevant skills or experience and availability through August/ September. Please submit this along with a CV to maeve.stone@gmail.com by July 6th at 5.30pm.


A postmenopausal woman carries her unborn child, subject to constant physical labour. But the flame of Brigid burns. Hidden miracles erupt from the earth and crawl back into the belly of the woman. Brought to you by award-winning feminist theatre company THE RABBLE (Melbourne, Australia) and trailblaxing Irish artist Maeve Stone (Dublin), this production is an exploded ordinance site of what it means to be an Unwoman.