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Dramaturgy & Design


This three-day Workshop with THE RABBLE invites established artists and directors into THE RABBLE’s process with a chance to further their skills in the principles of design. Creators and designers Kate Davis and Emma Valente of THE RABBLE work with participants to sharpen processes towards different disciplines including sound, lighting, set, costume and installation and develop their own principles of design for performance.

Activities include:
– The opportunity to design space, sound, light for a new project;
– A chance to interrogate the dramaturgy and design of a RABBLE project;
– The opportunity to ask Emma and Kate anything about design, technology, logistics, terminology, process etc;
– Reimagining the potentials for design in performance.

Participants are asked to bring a seed idea to work on. It is preferable for this idea to be a new idea that has had little development until now. THE RABBLE will provide all other materials.

Who is it for?
This workshop is geared towards experienced lead artists of all disciplines (directors, writers, performance makers, choreographers etc) who are interested in learning more about design (including set, costume, installation, sound and lighting) and methodologies for collaborating with designers. It is also a chance for artists to understand more about the principles of design dramaturgy.