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In Development




Night is not for slumber 

Night is when we can see the stars clearly 

Night is for ghosts  

Night is for signs  

Night is for the sublime and the miraculous. 


At the shimmering edge of the forest, we watch. The liminal point between life, death and the mists beyond. In the dark, faith cries out. From us, or from others? A slow procession, an ablution, a ritual to hear the whispers, a tree that speaks, a lake that bleeds, a hymn for mirrors. This is what we believe. This is our veneration.    


Using the structures of Dante’s Inferno, NIGHT is a new large-scale outdoor experience from feminist performance-makers, THE RABBLE made in collaboration with community investigating the intersections between feminism and faith.  


Co-Created and Directed by Emma Valente & Kate Davis 

Performed by Mary Helen Sassman and Dana Miltins with members of the community 

Set and Costume Design Kate Davis 

Composition, Sound and Lighting design by Emma Valente