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Presented by Arts House


8 – 17 June, 2018

Created by an ensemble of children, LONE offers glimpses into their privately constructed worlds. A series of short fictions presented within live dioramas, LONE places safety, privacy, authority and the adult gaze under thoughtful investigation.

LONE’s young artists create a hidden chamber – a room where they can conduct a performance of their own making, beyond the sovereignty of adults. Looking in from the outside, audiences are privy to these worlds of passionate dreams, vivid imagery and dark secrets.

As adults, how do we see our own childhoods? What is it about childhood that we want to protect? LONE explores interior places, time alone, and the effect of secrets on the body. Looking in, we’re invited to recall our own experiences of childhood, our own loneliness and secrets, in a unique experience that is both distanced and intimate.


Creators Emma Valente, Kate Davis
Set & Costume Designer Kate Davis
Lighting & Sound Designer Emma Valente

Producer Tahni Froudist

Production Management Rebecca Etchell, Gwen Holmberg-Gilchrist

Stage Manager Cass Fumi
Associate Artist Katrina Cornwell
Performers The St Martins Ensemble


Photo by David Patterson.

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From 7pm, Fri 8 Jun
From 7pm, Sat 9 Jun
From 3pm, Sun 10 Jun
From 7pm, Thu 14 Jun
From 7pm, Fri 15 Jun
From 7pm, Sat 16 Jun
From 3pm, Sun 17 Jun
Allow 30 mins
Tickets: $35 / $30 / $25

This work is created for adults.

Arts House



LONE (previously Candy House) was initiated as a creative collaboration between St Martins and THE RABBLE in 2014 and has been supported by both companies with investment from Arts House through CultureLAB.

Developments for Candy House have included:

  • November 2015 | Development | Co Creators 1 week workshop
  • August 2016 | Development | Weekend workshops with youth ensemble
  • November 2016 | Development | Intensive development with ensemble supported by Arts House’s CultureLAB