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Storming an Idea is a popular workshop offered by THE RABBLE to artists of any discipline interested in finding new methodologies or processes for creating experimental performance work through a feminist lens.

As a company, THE RABBLE creates experimental feminist encounters; abandoning male-dominated play-scripts and replacing them with an improvisational methodology using poetry, prose, image, tableau and gesture. RABBLE artworks are realised through sweeping design and intense theatricality.

Storming an Idea is best with an intimate number of practitioner participants – ideally no more than 15 – from a range of disciplines including playwrights, sound artists, poets, directors, video artists, dancers, performers and live artists. The workshop introduces artists to a variety of techniques for creating and devising for performance, including THE RABBLE’s own composition strategies, and offers participants a chance to receive feedback and to magnify their own ideas.

Storming an Idea offers collaboration between artists and deep investigation into the processes of creating devised performance work.

If you’d like to arrange a Storming an Idea workshop, please contact us.