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Presented by The SUBSTATION as part of Due West



15–28 November, 2019


Unwoman is song.

Unwoman is a crime.

Unwoman is a real and substantial risk.


UNWOMAN is an epic and imagistic piece of feminist theatre created in both Ireland and Australia, examining reproductive rights, experiences of pregnancy and bodily autonomy.

Made with THE RABBLE, professional performers and a community ensemble of pregnant performers, UNWOMAN is an invocation of the pregnant body as a plurality of experiences. It is visceral, carnal and an uncompromising piece of feminist theatre horrified by the history and laws attempting to curb bodily autonomy and reproductive rights.


FEATURING / Dana Miltins, Mary Helen Sassman and Yumi Umiumare.

PHOTOGRAPHY / Hero image by Patricio Cassinoni. Production photography by David Paterson, featuring Olwen Fouéré in UNWOMAN Part III, Dublin Fringe, November 2018.


As part of UNWOMAN, THE RABBLE are also collecting short testimonies from people who would like to share a brief account of their reproductive history.

This testimony will be read out as part of the UNWOMAN production and aims to demonstrate the diversity of experience, values and attitudes around fertility, pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage, birthing and parenting.

During each performance of UNWOMAN different testimonies will be read verbatim.

Click here to contribute (anonymously if you like)

Writing on UNWOMAN






The Times (UK)
Like evolution’s revenge, human intelligence brings great cost to women, making childbirth a perilous and torturous procedure, forever prey to patriarchal hegemony. Or so seems to be the thesis behind this cryptic, highly politicised and immersive multimedia work devised by the Irish artist-director Maeve Stone and Melbourne’s visionary feminist troupe the Rabble around Olwen Fouéré’s destabilisingly intense performance. Evoking the Cailleach, the Gaelic creation goddess, Fouéré stirs from a dark firmament of labour pain and wordlessly moans, flexes her spine, and paces endlessly. Over and over, she judders and shrieks as she births the Burren’s landscape, stone by grykey limestone, tearing each jagged spearhead from between her legs. Tethered by an umbilical trapeze-rope from the roof, she flails to escape, pathetically running and wailing before collapsing and slowly metamorphosing, unsticking herself as if from some glistening insectile pupa, before again moulting, hatching and unfurling into “humanity”. Fouéré is elemental; her lithe, slight, boyish frame and Beckettian visage variously interrogating us. When words finally come, they struggle up through fluted breath, throat-song and some primordial ur-tongue, before her clipped, manic diction talks of coerced birth, “broken pelvises”, “bodies decided in court”, “miscarriages of justice” and “unremarked graves”. Perverse, real, harrowing and deeply affecting, this is a universal, unforgettable masterpiece of performance art. 
– MM

Project History


UNWOMAN Part III was co created with Maeve Stone in Dublin 2018.


UNWOMAN premiered in and was presented by Dublin Fringe Festival, 8 – 16 September, 2018 | Samuel Beckett Theatre | Dublin, Ireland

UNWOMAN is presented by THE RABBLE and The SUBSTATION as part of Due West. This project has been supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria, and the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts. Unwoman Part III (2018) was co-created with Maeve Stone and performed by Olwen Fouere with commissioning support from Dublin Fringe Festival, developed through FRINGE LAB and produced with support from Pan Pan Theatre (Ireland).