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Presented by Arts House & Vitalstatisix



1st-9th April 2022 Arts House, Melbourne

22nd-26th June 2022 Vitalstatisix, Adelaide

The impossible task of seeking the truth.

THE RABBLE are exploring the complex dynamics of power, consent, knowledge and truth through this new performance work: YES.

People the world over are living through periods of great change and disruption and yet access to reliable information is becoming ever more elusive.

Set within an ever-evolving physical space, YES witnesses two performers answer hundreds of relentless and overwhelming questions with one seemingly simple word.

Building to a cacophony of potential answers, YES is an unpredictable onslaught that culminates in a void, drained of contested narratives.

Part rite of passage, part public debate, part personal memoir, the audience are taken from joy to contemplation to existential dread as they ponder their own feelings towards seeking the truth.

Co-Creators and Co-Directors / Emma Valente and Kate Davis
Set and Costume Design / Kate Davis
Lighting and Sound Design/Composition / Emma Valente
Performers / Dana Miltins and Mary Helen Sassman Understudy / Eva Seymour
Stage Manager / Cassandra Fumi
Production Manager / Kate Cameron
Production Manager (Development & Pre-production) / Rebecca Etchell
Produced by Performing Lines
Associate Designer / Emma Lockhart-Wilson
Production & Promotion photography / Pier Carthew

Yes, THE RABBLE are consistently extraordinary. YES is performance art that is layered with questions that can’t always be answered and filled with answers that we might not want to hear.
— Australian Arts Review
There’s no question The Rabble have created another bewildering, vigorous and piercingly intelligent piece of theatre that will make audiences think deeply about the meaning of consent in their lives.
— The Age

YES is produced by Performing Lines and supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, and the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria, as well as the Besen Family Foundation. YES was co-commissioned by Arts House, Vitalstatistix and RISING.