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Frankie has created a room where she comes to be alone. In the room there is a tree, on the leaves she writes her secrets. Below the tree, treasure is buried. She pulls out some pearls and touches them. She looks at you.  She screams silently. She watches you watching her. Then she is gone. 



Created by THE RABBLE with St Martins and members of the St Martins Youth Ensemble

Candy House has been commissioned by St Martins and has been supported by Arts House and the City of Melbourne through CultureLAB.

Candy House is a series of fictions about secrets and loneliness presented as live dioramas featuring children.

In Candy House the audience views each installation alone, as they would a peep show, through a small hole or window that looks onto a complete diorama. The dioramas are inspired by the work of photographers: Sally Mann, Frieke Janssens and Jonathan Hobin, who all problematize, in different ways, the idealisation of childhood.

Candy House’s live dioramas ask an audience to question their own image of childhood. Collaborating with THE RABBLE, the young artists are invited to imagine secret worlds, time alone, and the effect of secrets on the body.  Through the dioramas, adult audiences conjure their own experience of childhood, their own loneliness and their own secrets in a new way.

Candy House is created to explore adults’ conceptions of a 21st Century childhood. THE RABBLE invites the agency of children to both imagine their own secret environment and to return the gaze of the adult, to question their spectatorship of childhood.



Candy House was initiated as a creative collaboration between St Martins and THE RABBLE in 2014 and has been supported by both companies with investment from Arts House through CultureLAB.

Developments for Candy House have included:

  • November 2015 | Development | Co Creators 1 week workshop
  • August 2016 | Development | Weekend workshops with youth ensemble
  • November 2016 | Development | Intensive development with ensemble supported by Arts House’s CultureLAB


Images are from the Candy House CultureLAB development in November 2016.

Photos by David Patterson.